Child Study Center


UCSC is home to one of the country’s leading developmental psychology programs.  Research that integrates individual, interpersonal, and cultural processes of development distinguishes our program.  Our faculty and students study these developmental processes in diverse communities and institutions, including families, friends, peer groups, schools and children’s museums.  The Early Education Services’ Child Study Center/Observation Room is a research venue that benefits students, faculty, Early Education Services’ children and their parents.  The center provides opportunities for undergraduate students to learn about learning through their observations of children in the early childhood classroom setting.  It provides UCSC’s psychology students with an on-campus venue for multiple observations that give them the opportunity to learn the observational method, allowing them to better grasp the concept of development and give them a stronger foundation for more specialized areas of study.  Graduate students and faculty have the opportunity to learn about learning through their research with participating children and their families. 


  • One way mirror
  • Audio access
  • Jacks for laptop and other electrical devices
  • Wireless internet access
  • Picture of children on the walls to allow for confidential identification of children

Observation Room Policies and Procedures (PDF)