Subsidized Care

Eligibility for the State Program

To be eligible for the State program, the total household monthly gross income must be equal to or lower than the levels shown in the chart below. If there are two parents in the home, the second parent must also be a full-time student (at any school) or working full time. Grants are prioritized; undergraduates and families with the lowest gross monthly household income are considered first.

Note: If your family exceeds the total household gross monthly income limit during your waiting list period, you will be removed from the grant waiting list and will be placed on the non-grant (fee paying) waiting list.

Family members in home (children and adults):  1-2  3 4 5 6
*Total Household Gross Monthly Income: $5,343 $5,802 $6,719 $7,794 $8,869

Effective July 1, 2019 - If your income varies from month to month, average your income over the past 12 months to find your household gross monthly income*  

* Income of any siblings living at home who are age 18 or over must be included in this total.

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