• Alicia and her son

    EES has provided me a substantial amount of support that has allowed me to continue my college education while being a single mother of a two-year-old. I completed two year of my undergraduate degree before the arrival of my son. I knew that I wanted to complete my college education and have my child in a safe environment that nourished his developmental needs. EES has gone above and beyond my expectations. They are always flexible with scheduling and understanding of unforeseen circumstances. In addition to the phenomenal service they provide, there is a genuine sense of interest when it comes to our personal wellbeing. Truly, my goal of graduating college would be unattainable without EES. I express a great amount of gratitude to all of the staff, thank you.   


    Politics with a minor in Education, June 2014

  • Stephanie

    EES has been a blessing to our family. EES was the reason I chose UCSC because at other universities I was accepted to, childcare was scarce and it was more like babysitting. This program really focuses on educating your child and my daughter has learned so much throughout her time here. Without it, I would not be able to attend classes, complete my education and work. Being a teen mom and moving far away from my family and any support system was daunting. But having the security of child care and a place where my daughter loved to be was amazing. She has been a part of the preschool program and the after school program. In both classrooms I had to, on a regular basis, convince her that we sadly had to leave and go home. The teachers and assistants all really care for my daughter and her well being. If there is any conflict at all going on, they are quick to resolve it and make her feel comfortable. Without EES, it would be difficult to get an education and that is why we are so thankful that it is here.


    Human Biology with minor in Latin American and Latino Studies, Fall 2014

  • Early Education Services and the wonderful teachers at EES have been an essential support to our family. As a graduate student, teaching assistant, and single mother I rely on the childcare EES provides to be able to stay in school, do my work, and provide my son with a caring, safe, and fun place to be. 


    Environmental Studies Major, June 2015

  • Tamara

    I have had the best experience with my children's attendance here. The entire staff have above & beyond the norm to meet our needs as a family. If it  was not for Le'ann & everyone I would not be graduating or even be in college. Thank all.


    Film and Digital Media Major, Spring 2014